Edward (Eddy) Lamb and Crest Interiors Harpenden

Initial claim for a CCJ, contains the details of how Crest commit fraud and trade while insolvent:

CCJ Claim Against Crest

(CCJ) awarded against Goldcrest Renovations Ltd (trading as Crest Interiors)

CCJ Judgement

Initial insufficient Record of Examination – shows debts aprox £90,000 declared under oath

Watford County Court Record of Examination

Actual CCJs, not mentioned in Record of Examination (forgotten about or contempt?)


Request for more information by court


And because didn’t supply information, there is this hearing on the 25th Sept 2019.

Suspended Committal Order for disobedience

Commercial Data Removal Request

Please use this form to request removal of Commercial Data from Companies In The UK.  Commercial Data is data that we claim to have a legitimate interest in. We process this data to provide the content on our website.

This is includes information like:

  • The directorships you have
  • The companies you are associated with

This information does not include our Operational Data, such as:

  • the companies that you maybe monitoring for changes,
  • your email address you registered for us to send the monitoring alerts

To request removal of this Operational Data, please use the Operational Data Removal Request Form.

Commercial Data Removal Request Form

Operational Data Removal Request

Please use this form to request removal of Operational Data from Companies In The UK.  Operational Data is data that we have collected from you when you consented to using our website.

This is includes information like:

  • the companies that you maybe monitoring for changes,
  • your email address you registered for us to send the monitoring alerts

This information does not include our Commercial Data:

Operational Data Removal Request Form

Data Removal Requests

Your Data Removal Rights

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) introduces a right for individuals to have personal data erased.

The right to erasure is also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’.

The right is not absolute and only applies in certain circumstances.

There are two types of Data processed by Companies In The UK.  The removal criteria for each type of data is different.  You need to identify what data you want removed and apply separately.

1. Operation Data

This is the data we process in order to run the website well.  This includes your registration details if you registered on the website, the companies that you are monitoring and details like your email address we send company monitoring alerts to.  You consented to us collecting this data when you signed up to our website, or requested that we monitor a company.

You can remove this consent and we will delete this data.  To remove this consent, please use this Operational Data Removal Requests Form.

2. Commercial Data

This is the data about all the Companies in the UK, their financial status and the directors of the companies.

For the Commercial Data we claim the legal basis, in GDPR terms, for processing your data is our legitimate interest.  We balance our legitimate interest with an individuals interests.  If we feel that on balance, by processing an individuals personal data would cause unjustified harm we will stop processing the individuals data.  We record and document our decisions and you have the rights to object to our decisions.

Please note, we do not remove Company information from our website.  GDPR applies to an individuals rights, there are no corresponding rights for ‘non natural’ persons i.e. Limited Liability Companies.  We will reject requests to remove current active companies from our website.

If you request we remove your personally identifiable information from a Company on our website, we will replace your name with the text Name Redacted.  This will show that the individual has requested that their name be removed.  However, this will also serve as a warning to users of our website to question why a director of a company has requested that they don’t want people to know they are associated with the company.

If you still want to request removal of your personal data from our Commercial Data, then please use the Commercial Data Removal Request Form.

Once we have processed a request to remove Commercial Data from our website, we will not re add it, this is a one way process.

Subject Access Request

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows an individual the right to access their personal data that CompainesInTheUK hold on them.

Natural Persons Only

Note, that this right only refers to an individuals personal data.  If you require information on a company, then just use our website.  A Subject Access Request is for people data not a company’s data.

You already have access to the data

CompaniesInTheUK holds no ‘secret’ files on people.  All the information we have is readily available on the website.

If you are or have been a director of a company, then we display this information along with the company.  Just search for your name on the website.

If you have registered with our website, then all the information we hold about you is available on the ‘Your Account’ page, linked to from the footer on this page.

You will discover nothing new asking for a Subject Access Request that we do not already display on our website.

You will be required to prove your identity to us

We treat your personal data very seriously.  To guard against any Tom, Dick or Harry requesting that we disclose your personal data to them via a Subject Access Request we will require you to prove that you are who you say you are.

To do this we will require two forms of ID.  One government issued ID showing your full name and birthdate, such as a scan of your passport photo page or a drivers license.  The other showing your current address from an official source, such as a mortgage statement or council tax bill.

Ready to proceed, you will be disappointed?  Please fill in this Subject Access Request Form

Privacy Notice

Who are we and what we do

CompaniesInTheUK (CUK) provides information on UK Companies. We hope that this information will lead to better and more transparent relationships with your suppliers.

This website Companies In The UK does not represent the official register of companies, and this website is not affiliated to or endorsed by Companies House, the UK government or any official body.

CUK monitors a number of publicly available data sources for this Company information. We correlate and cross reference the information from these sources, and present an overall view of the company’s profile, it’s directors and financial status.

Some of this information may be classed as ‘person data’ under European Union (EU) law because it relates to a natural person, such as who the director of a company is. We are required to provide this privacy notice on how we process this personal data under EU law.

Note that the EU GDPR privacy laws and UK Data Protection Act only relate to the protection of ‘natural persons’ i.e. People, as opposed to ‘legal persons’, which are business entities i.e. Companies. We do not remove companies from our database, and we will decline any requests asking for ‘my company’ to be removed from our website due to GDPR or UK Data Protection legislation.

The Data Protection Officer for CUK can be contacted at [email protected]

Why do we collect data?

CUK processes data on UK Companies so that it can supply it to other companies and individuals. This data is used by these companies and individuals to better guide their decision on how they interact and do business with other companies. We call this Commercial Data.

We also collect operational data of your interaction with our website, www.companiesintheuk.co.uk. We collect this information so we can protect our website from malicious activity and fraud. This information is also used to optimise performance on the website. And finally, we use this information to display relevant and engaging advertising to you which helps fund the running of CUK.
We call this Operational Data.

What information do you collect?

Commercial Data

For our ‘Commercial Data’ we collect data on UK Companies, which provides the content of our website, for example this includes:

• A Company’s name and contact details. Contact details includes the company’s addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and domain names.

• The Company Principles, that is the identity of the Company Directors, Company Secretary, Persons of Significant control and their contact details.

• The Company’s financial performance, profitability and financial status.

We collect this information from:

• Public Data Sources, such as the public Company Register maintained by Companies House.

• Information that a company publishes on itself, such as the contact details on their website.

• Government publications, such as The Gazette, with company bankruptcy details.

CUK does not seek to collect any Sensitive Personal Data, such as genetic data, race, politics, or sexual orientation. Nor does CUK seek to collect an individual’s criminal offence data. We do not consider this information at all related to our interests in providing UK Company information.

Operational Data

To operationally provide our website to you, we collect the following ‘Operational Data’:

• We log the website pages that you visit along with your IP address. This is used to diagnose any problems with running our website, this information is deleted within a few months.

• If you choose to Monitor a company for changes, we collect your email address and details about what Company you are monitoring. You are able to choose to stop monitoring the company at any time.

• Details of any purchases of company documents from our website. We consider these details to be part of our company’s records, and thus legally required to retain these for seven years. These records do not include your address or your credit card number used for payment.

• If you have chosen to register with our website, then we also store a salted and hashed value of your password. We don’t store your password in plain text nor have the ability to decrypt your password back to plain text.

Who do we share this information with?

Commercial Data

We share only share our Commercial Data with the users of the website CompaniesInTheUK.co.uk.

Operational Data

We share our ‘Operational Data’ with:

  • Google Analytics, this allow us to monitor the usage of the website and improve it.
  • To a court, tribunal administrative authority law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities or government agencies.  This does from occur time to time, and we silently comply with the orders.
  • Our advertising partners.  We need advertising to pay for running our website.  The servers that run our website cost us rather a lot of real money.  If you wish to adjust your preferences, so that we don’t share information with the advertising partners, then you can on the following links:

We would prefer if you don’t opt out of personalised ads, we earn more money from showing you these ads.  Also you get a better experience from being shown advertising that is tailored for you, rather than generic spam.  Who knows, you may actually see something interesting and decide to click on an ad and buy it.

  • As required or appropriate in order to protect our website, business operations or legal rights, or in connection with a sale or merger involving CompaniesInTheUK Ltd assets or businesses.

International transfers

We do not transfer your data outside of the EU.  Of course, someone using our website from outside of the EU will be getting the website presentation of the data, but there is no bulk transfer of data to other data processors outside of the EU.

Data Retention

Personal data is stored for the minimal time necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. For example, the pages you have viewed on the website are stored in our diagnostic logs, when we no longer need this information to diagnose any issues, then we remove the logs.

Grounds of Processing

Using GDPR terminology, we process personal data under the grounds of “legitimate interest”.

The processing of data by CompaniesInTheUK is so we can provide a website that allows you to know the companies you are doing business with, who runs them, the financial records etc.

We balance this legitimate interest with an individuals interests.  If we feel that on balance, by processing an individuals personal data would cause unjustified harm we will stop processing the individuals data.

You can request that we remove your details from our website, please refer to Data Removal Requests for more information.

Data Subject Rights

You have the right to request from us confirmation of whether we are processing your personal data, and if so access to that information.  Please refer to Subject Access Requests for more information.


All complaints or concerns and appropriate resolution relating to the practices of handling personal information will be logged. Any complaints of this nature should be made by email to [email protected] or via post to:

Companies In The UK Ltd
Unit 6301
PO Box 6945

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Three steps to keep your address private

Surprised to find your private residential address is being published on the Internet?  Discover why and take the three steps to keep your address private.  

Why is your address published here?

When you become an officer of a company, for example a director or company secretary,  then certain information is made public.  It is made public by being placed on ‘Public Registers’ of information, which the general public can inspect.

The information which is public is specified by the Companies Act 2006 Section 163

For a director, this information is:

  • name
  • address
  • occupation
  • nationality
  • date of birth

Residential Address or Service Address

A director can supply both a Residential Address and a Service Address.  The Service Address appears on the public registers, where as the Residential Address has restricted access.  By default, if only the Residential Address is supplied to Companies House, then the Residential Address is also used as the publicly accessible Service Address.

So register a Service Address with Companies House to keep your Residential Address private.

The three steps to keep your address private

Step 1. Get an address which can be used as a Service Address.

A Service Address needs to have a physical location.  For example, it cannot just be a P.O Box number.  This restricts you using a postal redirection service for your Service Address.

Companies In The UK provides a Service Address facility for only £39.95 (ex VAT) per year.

Our Service Address facility provides you with:

  • a physical address, based in Poole.
  • an online mail box.  We scan any of your mail received at the address and place it in an online mailbox.  You then choose if you want the mail forwarded on to you, or the individual pages of it scanned.  The plan allows for one letter per month to be scanned free of charge, further letters are charged at a nominal rate.  You can access the online mail box from anywhere in the world via your Internet Browser.

Be careful of using other Service Address services.  Most services do not have a scanning facility.  Instead they will forward on any mail received at your cost.  Because the Service Address is a public address, they often receive large amounts of junk mail, which you then end up paying to have forwarded on to you.

Step 2. Register the Service Address at Companies House

Use form CH01, available here or directly online here to tell Companies House, the official register of Company Information, about the change of address.

Step 3. Refresh the information held about the company

Once Companies House have accepted the Change Of Address details, the updated address will automatically flow to this website and many other users of the address details.  This typically take a few weeks to propagate out.  At Companies In The UK you can expedite this by clicking on the ‘Check for Updates’ link on the associated company’s page, see the image below.